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Philadelphia - By a Born & Raised Philly Local

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Philly Philly - such a fun and vibrant city. Like all cities, there are areas I wouldn't go near and areas I wouldn't miss (Old City being one). I was born and raised in the Philly area so this is a bit of a jaded opinion - but Philly really has some of the BEST restaurants for foodies like me! There are a ton of restaurants, and great museums and the best part is Philadelphia is extremely walkable if you stay in the Center City/Old City region - you are in perfect walking distance of just about everything. This is a super quick top level guide to the city of brotherly love, here it goes...


  1. Bellevue

  2. Kimpton


  1. Parc

  2. Suraya

  3. Cafe La Maude


  1. Ladder 15

  2. McGillin's Olde Ale House

  3. Bok Bar

  4. Barstool

WHAT TO SEE: (For Fun & an Instagram Picture):

  1. Magic Gardens

  2. Elfreth's Alley

  3. Rocky Steps @ the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Parc: This is truly my favorite restaurant in the city. The french food, the drinks, the ambiance, the staff - everything is perfect! It truly feels like you have been transported to Paris. I would recommend the shrimp salad - I daydream about this one!

Suraya: This restaurant is one of the top 5 best restaurants I have ever been to. I would absolutely do the tasting menu so you can get a true experience and taste everything. The food is so delicious!! ALSO highly recommend a cocktail here - all really unique and easy to drink.

Café La Maude: The only negative thing about this restaurant is that they don’t take reservations. The food is fresh and authentic with lots of healthy options. PRO TIP: this restaurant is BYOB and if you bring champagne, they will make you mimosas.

McGillin's Olde Ale House: This is a Philly classic for those under 30! Great music, great crowd and cheap drinks. Definitely dive bar energy.

Bok Bar: A cool location (converted high school) with great views. This casual rooftop is a perfect spot to meet your friends (day or night)!

Barstool: A new bar so it's clean and it is HUGE! Great place to go out at night; good vibes.

Magic Gardens: Magic gardens is a cute picture moment but also a really cool mosaic art display. FYI it is mainly outdoors so save this for a sunny day.

Elfreth's Alley: This is truly just a photo opportunity - but it's an iconic street in Old City and worth checking out if you're in need of an Instagram post.

Rocky Steps: An iconic moment for Philadelphia. These iconic stairs lead right to the Philadelphia Art Museum, a site also worth seeing. Currently they have a Harry Potter exhibit (as of 6/22/22).

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