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Insider Tips From a NYC Local

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

New York City is one of my favorite cities in the world - and I am not just saying that because I live here. There is always somewhere new to go and something new to see. I think it goes without saying but what you choose to do in New York is fully based off the type of person that you are - are you into the art scene, party scene, cultural scene, food scene? Which is exactly where we come in (shameless plug: we can curate an appropriate itinerary for you and your travel partners)! There is a place for everyone, but I want to emphasize that New York city is definitely all about the food and drinks. Most of your trip will revolve around where you are dining out!


  1. Palma

  2. Odeon

  3. Ruby's


  1. Bandits

  2. The Garret (Speakeasy above 5 guys)

  3. Puglia

  4. The Flower Shop


  1. The Vessel @ Hudson Yards

  2. Brooklyn Bridge

  3. Washington Square Park


  1. Bowery Hotel

  2. Ludlow Hotel

  3. The Greenwich Hotel

Palma: One of my favorite dinner spots in NYC. If you are a sucker for a cozy atmosphere (dim lighting, music and all the Hallmark vibes) then this restaurant will check all of your boxes. The food is fresh and delicious, the service is amazing and the cocktails are perfectly crafted. I would recommend the Calamari and Lobster Pasta for dinner - both are out of this world. As far as cocktails go, I couldn't get enough of La Vie en Rose (light & fresh). Be sure to make a reservation as they do not take walk-ins.

Odeon: A NYC staple with upscale American food. Over the last few years this restaurant has become really sceney so you're either going there to be seen or with the expectation to see someone! Either way - this restaurant is really good. I have dreamt about their garlic butter steak since the last time I have had it.

Ruby's: The perfect Instagram spot that tastes just as good as it looks. Ruby’s Australian Cafe is a go-to, particularly for brunch but their dinner is equally as good. This restaurant is all about the vibes. They have multiple spots around the city, but sadly not one takes reservations so expect to wait.

Bandits: A 70’s themed nostalgic bar in the West Village. Really cozy but gets quite crowded on the weekends. A good spot for a low key night out!

The Garret: A fun speakeasy above a Five Guys - also in the West Village. A lot of millennials on the weekends - it gets really crowded by 10:30PM. They play great music and actually have great cocktails!

Puglia: Not your typical “night out”, but a good alternative for people who want a fun and rowdy night with a large group. I would recommend calling for a reservation. It's all you can eat and all you can drink for $60 a person. The first time I went here I was laughing and smiling the whole time - there was a lot of table dancing, napkin waving, singing, and tacky performances!

Vessel: A lot of good shopping and photos can be had here.

The Brooklyn Bridge: Sort of an iconic experience in NYC! Walking or biking, great views and great pictures. I would recommend grabbing ice cream at Ample Hills when you make it to the other side - it's the BEST.

The Bowery Hotel: A hot spot for sure - a cozy exclusive lounge for guests and you can't forget Gemma - a great Italian spot.

Ludlow Hotel: This hotel is beautiful but the rooms are bit small (which is understood in NYC) but this hotel is updated and in a great location for restaurants and bars.

The Greenwich Hotel: Location, location, location! And lest we not forget the photogenic courtyard…

That concludes our NYC recommendations! Let us know if you have tried any of these before or are adding them to your list for your next NYC trip!


The Itinerary Girls

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