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Gift Guide: For The Traveler; By The Itinerary Girls

Oh, just another person telling you to buy things! These are some ideas to get your inspired; no pressure to purchase. *These are not affiliate links; we do not receive any commission if you purchase from these links.

We've pulled together a list of a few things for inspiration for your "traveler" friend, spouse, sister, brother or co-worker. All prices listed are the original prices, but most if not all will be having Black Friday sales so click the links to see the sale prices!

Suitcase/Carry-On/Duffel Bag

You can't go wrong with GOOD suitcases/carry-on/duffel bags as a gift. It's something everyone wants but no one wants to purchase. We've been obsessed with Away luggage, but CALPACK, Beis and Monos are also great options. Linking a few of our favorites here:

Passport Holder

Owning a passport holder has changing. Not being dramatic. I always know where my passport is, I keep ticket stubs and important travel documents in there. It becomes like a travel scrapbook after a while. From cheap to designer, there are plenty of options and all within your budget. Listed from cheapest to most expensive here:

Noise Cancelling Headphones

We all know the rage that is: Apple AirPods Max headphones. For a cool....$500. If you've got the cash, then by all means they're probably pretty great. But if you're looking for some more budget friendly options, try these:

Airline Gift Card

This is one I have never received, but would LOVE to receive. If you know their favorite/most flown airline, purchasing any amount can help partially or fully cover a future flight (and usually they don't expire for long time, if ever). And if you don't know their favorite/most flown airline; you've come to the right place. We polled our followers a few months back and found that Delta Airlines was the majority's favorite airline. Can't go wrong with a Delta Airlines gift card.


This. This is my favorite gift to receive. Are you going to Europe next summer with your spouse? Book a cooking class for the two of you. Or a boat day. Not planning on traveling or don't have your plans set in stone yet? Find an activity or unique dining experience around you. Our favorite way to browse ideas and get inspired is Airbnb experiences. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Hot air balloon ride

  • Supper club

  • Comedy show

  • Concert

  • Distillery tour/tasting

  • Private chef

Packing Cubes

I can't remember what I did before I owned packing cubes. I swear I can fit more in my suitcase because of them. Plus, they make living out of a suitcase more organized (not that living out of a suitcase is ever THAT organized). They're a must, and very affordable.

Film Camera

Is this a travel gift? Kind of. Why do pictures from Europe look so much better on a film camera? You know exactly what I mean. Don't forget to buy a roll of starter film too!

Neck Pillow

For those long-haul flights across the Atlantic.

TSA Pre-Check/Global Entry

One of the BEST travel hacks - did you know that TSA pre-check is only $80 for FIVE YEARS? Global entry is $100 and includes TSA pre-check. Unfortunately there isn't a great way to "gift" this (no gift cards), but offering to pay for someone's application fee would be your best option. *Many travel credit cards will cover this fee every 4 years, so if you already have TSA Pre-check, "gifting" it to a friend could be FREE for you!

Anything on here you think that we missed?? Must haves for a traveler? Let us know in the comments.

Thanks for reading, Julia

*This information has been individually collected and is not affiliated with any company and is not sponsored. These are not affiliate links and we are not collecting commission.*

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