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5 Biggest Travel Trends for 2023

Updated: Jan 13

Wondering what you'll see this year splashed all over TikTok and Instagram? Want to get ahead of the rest of the crowd and be the first to hit some of these trends? Keep reading to find out the some of the top travel trends for 2023 - sourced by The Itinerary Girls.


Even with the US dollar being strong for international travel, domestic travel is still hot - an Expedia survey concluded that 59% of respondents expect to travel within the U.S either instead of or in addition to international travel. One of the best ways to travel domestically is via one of the 63 National Parks that the U.S has to offer. You can find every different type of terrain from mountains to deserts depending on what type of vacation you’re looking for. This is no secret though, as many of the most popular national parks can bring in millions of visitors each year. With an uptick in national park tourism, many parks have put crowd control measures into place such as road closures, hiking permits, visitor permits and more bus routes, so be sure to do your due diligence and research before showing up.

(Pictured here: Yosemite National Park)


This is a niche specific trend that goes hand in hand with some of the fashion trends we’ve seen over the last year. Cowboy boots and cowboy hats, horse-girl culture becoming trendy all leads to mid-western vacations involving mountains, horses and of course, cowboy hats is what you’re going to be seeing a lot of this year. The best way to get an authentic mid-western ranch experience is through a “Dude Ranch”. A Dude Ranch is a working ranch that is oriented towards tourism; many are all inclusive offering meals, drinks and activities for one price. Horseback riding, campfires, fishing, archery, and hiking are some of the activities you can find here. There are many of these ranches across Wyoming, Montana, Colorado and Idaho, with most operating between June-September (though some operate all year round).


More and more consumers are re-evaluating their relationship with alcohol, which has hotels and restaurants alike evolving to serve their customers. Sources at The Atlantic and BBC report that both millennials and Get Z are showing stronger tendencies towards sobriety than previous generations. Many bars are adding a “mocktail” section to their menu, and going further than zero-proof liquor and into alcohol free wines. In Salt Lake City, there is even a mocktail specific bar called “Curiosity”, a zero-proof bottle shop and bar.

People are also choosing to drink less on vacation as a means to experience more and be present. Waking up late from a night out…missing half a day of exploring…dragging yourself through your next day only to party again at night might keep you away from some deeper experiences.


During 2020 and 2021 it was nearly impossible to know what the future held - if you booked a trip for 6 months out, would there be new Covid rules in place? Would you have to cancel everything and risk not getting your money back? Now, with a bit more certainty, we can plan those bigger trips and further out. A Virtuoso study found that travelers are, on average, booking further out for 2023 than they did in 2019. Not only does booking further out provide you the best options, but you’ll also get the best rates. Competition is already fierce for more travelers wanting to rev up - so if you’re planning a trip for 2023…dare I say…start planning it now.


Travelers are looking more and more to dive deep into a culture when visiting a place. They want to EXPERIENCE and IMMERSE themselves in the location they are in. A survey by GetYourGuide found that 90% of respondents want to experience their destination “like a local” and two-thirds of millennials specifically worry if it’s an “authentic experience”. While you can find blogs and lists and endless amounts of tours, one of our FAVORITE tips for travel is to leave some room for spontaneity. Ask your bartender what their favorite restaurant is. Walking past a cafe that looks good? Pop in. Meet people (locals and travelers alike) and have a conversation. Some of the best gems are found off the internet and in the heat of the moment.

What do you think about these trends? Will you be following any?

Let us know!


The Itinerary Girls

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