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Where To Stay In Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico (Weekend Getaway From LA)

Updated: Mar 24

Living on the west coast means there are seemingly endless options for weekend getaways (how do you pick???). If you go north, within two hours you're in Santa Barbara. East to Palm Springs or Joshua Tree National Park, south to San Diego, or even further to Mexico.

This was my first time in Mexico, thus first time driving over the border. I was...nervous. To say the least. Luckily I went with friends who had been 10+ times before which was incredibly reassuring and gave helpful tips beforehand.

Tip #1: Bring cash (for tolls & paying off the cops if necessary - more on this later). Around $200 should be fine. Baja California accepts US dollars so no need to worry about exchanging currency.

Tip #2: If you're planning to drive over the border with your car (or a rental car), be sure to have car insurance! We used Baja Bound and paid around $35 for 2 days. Your American car insurance DOES NOT cover anything in Mexico.

Tip #3: Hire a driver once you get to your destination. Many of the winery driveways are dirt and filled with huge potholes, even if you have a sober friend willing to drive - still hire the driver. They'll know where they're going and you can a relaxed day! Plus, they're able to talk to locals if you get in any sticky situations. We have a great driver we used for 8+ hours and was only $140 for the day, so don't let price scare you off!

Tip #4: Don't try to cross back over the border into the United States on a Sunday afternoon. We ended up sitting in line for almost 4 hours. The line was also extremely long and they weren't letting anyone in (cops/security set up all around it, roads blocked off, etc.) We accidentally snuck into line by going into the "medical lane" then apologizing to the cop - showing that we were trying to get back to Los Angeles on a map (he didn't speak any English). And then our friends did end up having to pay off the cops ($60) in order to get into the border line. It was hectic. Recommend waiting until Monday morning to cross back over.

A question I got after going was "did you feel safe?". Short answer, yes. Long answer, just like any time you travel somewhere new (whether inside or outside your home country), you'll always want to be aware of your surroundings and have a plan. Our accommodation was gated, we trusted our expert driver and overall everyone was SO nice.

While many locals speak a bit of English, there are more who do not. Definitely don't walk into an establishment expecting someone to speak English. First ask, "Hablas inglés?" (do you speak English). If they don't, they'll usually grab someone who does. It is polite to know a few simple Spanish phrases before heading there.

Hola - Hello

Buenos días - Good morning

Buenos tardes - Good afternoon

Adios - Goodbye

Pro favor - Please

Gracias - Thank you

Dónde está el baño - Where is the bathroom?

No hablo español - I don't speak Spanish

Lo siento - I'm sorry

Valle de Guadalupe is Mexico's wine region - think Napa & Temecula but with delicious tacos. Valle de Guadalupe produces 90% of Mexico's wine! It is a WONDERFUL destination for a couple's getaway, girls weekend or bachelorette (saw a few of these).


CuatroCuatros: Offering glamping yurts, suites and villas. You MUST make a reservation for sunset at Bar Bura (whether you stay here or not - it is open to the public and was the highlight of our trip).

Encuentro: This hotel has it's own vineyard and private decks for all rooms. Encuentro is romantic (think couple's getaway or honeymoon!). The property hosts eco-villas and a hilltop pool.

Oeno Wine Lodge: This property offers cabins, rocks and a village. Rocks? Yup, you can stay in a "rock room". It is designed to look like a rock and can accommodate 2 people. The village is made up of cube-shaped rooms that can accommodate 2-4 people.

Bruma: Sat on 200 acres, this eco-luxury resort offers a working winery, private ranch style villas, and eight suites all offering stunning views, fire pits, a pool and rock art around the property.

Casa Domo: Unique "bubble" style accommodation located in front of Cuatro Cuatros.

I'm already planning my next visit back I loved it THAT much. The style, aesthetic and design here is earthy, minimal and right up my alley. If my house could look like some of these places - I'd be a happy gal.



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