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Our Story

Julia & Stephanie first met in college, seven years ago at West Chester University of Pennsylvania through their sorority, Delta Phi Epsilon. After being named Big & Little (they still laugh about that now), they became close sharing similar interests; fashion, marketing and travel.

While planning a girls trip for them and their three best friends to Napa, an idea struck them. They both LOVE planning and researching trips, and have been doing it for friends and family for years - now they get to do it for a job!

Founded in 2021, they have planned trips for clients from hiking in New Zealand to wine tasting in Tuscany and everything in between. Travel planning has become a true passion for both - who doesn't love wanderlusting day in and day out?

Julia lives in Los Angeles, CA and has traveled to many major US cities as well as Fiji, Australia and Indonesia. You’ll never see her without a to-do list, a full water bottle and her Laneige lip balm. When she's not planning her next trip, you can find her trying a new restaurant on the weekend, working out or reading a good book.

Stephanie is currently located in Philadelphia, PA. Some of her favorite places she has traveled to are Arizona, Paris and Bermuda. She is a lover of to-do lists, fruity cocktails, and a good book.  On weekends you can find her trying a new restaurant in Philly or visiting family and friends.

Meet The Team

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